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We offer you an end-to-end portfolio & risk analytics platform, providing you with instant and granular risk/return insights tailored to your needs.

Establish a proactive regulatory approach

Business demand and regulatory requirements are shifting towards a need for improved modelling and simulation capabilities. Have you considered a solution that enables you to immediately recognise your expected credit losses?
Adapt to changing needs

Regulators are expecting financial institutions to become truly data-driven. New credit losses accounting standards such as IFRS 9 and CECL require banks, insurers and other institutions who hold credit portfolios to make significant changes to their loss forecasting methods.

SEC filers must have adopted CECL by 2020 with other public business entities following closely behind. The business impacts of CECL will vary depending on each organisation’s asset portfolios, market and other conditions. However, most organisations expect to see an increase in reserves.

Our platform helps you to evaluate asset quality of your portfolios by exposing them to different market environments and scenarios. The unprecedented runtimes allow for multiple iterations, minimising the risk of missing regulatory deadlines because of data problems - via early identification - or human error.

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Acquire better business insights

You know you could have had better results. If only you had found a simpler way to get access to actionable insights. Are you ready to improve your decision-making?
Get more grip on your business

There is a massive amount of data available inside and outside your organisation, and it is growing explosively. Consequently, there is an urgent need for data access and better insights for purposes such as: credit risk management, asset-liability management, P&L and capital planning.

Our platform leverages available compute capacity and enables you to monitor and analyse portfolio risk and reward attributes. Not only and portfolio level, but also at individual counterparty or asset level. The platform also allows you to forecast with horizons from one day to five years. Get better insights in fair values, cashflows and the risk and return measures relevant to you such as Value at Risk, Expected Tail Losses and ROIC. Benchmark portfolios and identify outliers. Improve your understanding of the impact of management decisions on new origination, portfolio compositions and overall performance.

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Maximise Return on Equity

Your goal is to maximise Return on Equity given your risk-appetite. You have a clear understanding of the drivers of growth, but do you have sufficient confidence to act given the uncertainties?
Unlock growth potential

With earnings models under pressure, financial institutions are looking for new revenue streams and earnings growth. We revolutionise the way we think about portfolio optimisation by allowing thousands of portfolios to be analysed a day. This helps you to better understand the true drivers of performance and to build your business cases.

Acquire granular risk/reward insights including measurement over time at individual asset and portfolio level. Apply Monte Carlo tree search methodologies to optimise the composition of your portfolios, taking into account diversification benefits and market circumstances. Optimise your economic value for the amount of risk taken.

Our platform enables you to get the most out of your credit and risk expertise. It also helps to improve your strategic asset allocation and business planning process.

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Who are we?

The fastest end-to-end portfolio & risk analytics and forecasting platform out there.
Our platform enables bankers, asset managers and quants to run huge simulations at large scale, resulting in better insights into the drivers of financial performance. Our clients use our software to radically improve, accelerate and democratise their risk/return decision-making.

The technology

The GPU-supercharged platform leverages established tech principles and a compute optimised codebase.
Our technology provides users - both technical and non-technical - access to the analytics core with output accessible via both cutting edge APIs or a convenient user interface.


Save time

  • Spend your precious time on high-value added tasks
  • Take a decision in the same meeting the question came up
  • Minimise risk of missing (regulatory) deadlines resulting from human error or data issues

Reduce costs

  • Increase the utilisation rate of expensive data scientists
  • Reduce expenses on consultants
  • No more use of substandard vendor solutions

Improve outcomes

  • Enable analysis of thousands of scenarios to improve financials outcomes and determine optimal portfolios
  • Unlock internal data and enrich it with external big data sources
  • Use interpretable models of your choice, sayonara black boxes

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