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Career opportunities

Software developer (Python/Node)

At Ub Technologies we run two main business lines: 1) Credit Atlas and 2) be-spoke analytics/AI pipelines. Our value is in delivering solutions that perform. We provide measurable improvements to the business. >90% of our work should result in improved predictive power of our models or improving usability of these models.

The core is a small team of dedicated people. We allow each other to perform and to relax when desired. We balance out supporting each other when needed and work in isolation when preferred.

Your job and what you can expect from us:
  • Daily work: A mix of
    1. continued development of our corporate credit risk platform called Credit Atlas
    2. work on analytics/AI SaaS solutions under supervision of an experienced colleague
    3. work on internal proprietary/to be published research in the quant finance space
  • Salary: 4-6k/month pre-tax. Do you deserve more? We are happy to hear your pitch
  • Annual days off: 35
  • Working hours: 11am-3pm core hours, everything else is up to you. Targetting 36/week
  • Evaluation metrics: Output over input
  • WFH option: Absolutely
  • Office location: Utrecht
Your profile:
  • A curious ambitious personality, adding to our capabilities to win
  • 0-5 years of working experience (preferably 2-5)
  • Engineering/math/quant background
  • Programming (no need to be an expert) experience (either open-source/project based in uni, preferably python/node.js)
  • Direct, yet respectful, in communication
  • Eager to learn
  • Interest in financial markets and (academic) research
How to apply and selection procedure
  1. Send an e-mail, including your resume, to both and
  2. You will receive a response within three working days
  3. Two 30 minute teams sessions, scheduled within a week and follow-up respons on the day of the last session
  4. We might request a coding assessment if you do not have previous experience, meaningful contributions to a github repo or projects from your studies
  5. If an assessment is applicable, we will evaluate your performance together with you
  6. In case we both see fit, we will offer a one-year contract with intention to stay